The World’s Biggest Floating Solar Power Plant is going to build in India

The World’s largest Floating solar energy project is going to construct at the Omkareshwar dam on the Narmada river in Madhya Pradesh by 2023. 


It is a 600 MW plant utilizing solar energy.

The panels can adjust their position automatically when the water level of the dam is low.

It will start generating power by 2022-23.

The floating solar plant is going to be designed in such a way as to withstand strong waves and floods while continue to generate solar power at the same time.


The project will be requiring an investment of 410 million dollars which is equivalent to Rs 3 thousand crores. Three agencies: International Finance Corporation, World Bank, and Power Grid are providing their investments for the project.

What is the working principle of solar power plant?

Photovoltaics work on the principle of the photovoltaic effect and convert solar energy into electricity.. When certain materials are exposed to light, they absorb photons and release free electrons which is called the photoelectric effect.

How floating Solar Power Plant works?

What is floating Solar: In a floating solar power plant, rather than placing a solar panel on land, it uses a series of panels floating on water.

Types of Solar plants:
1. FPV or Floating photovoltaic plant in which photovoltaic panels are mounted on the platform
2. The concentrated solar power plant in which mirrors are used to redirect the solar power to a tower.

The main purpose of this is that there is scarce land resources left alone. So we can make use of what is already there. Many countries have little space left, so water bodies such as lakes and reservoirs are used for this purpose.
The floating solar farms have been seen working better than land farms. The water beneath the panels keeps them cool, which resulting in greater energy production and also a decrease in the evaporation of water. 

Water-Saving: The partial coverage of the basin reduces water evaporation. This water can be used for irrigation purposes too. 

First Floating Power Plant in India

In 2014, the first floating solar power plant in India was installed in Kolkata, West Bengal which was of 10kw power. This 10 KW floating solar plant was funded by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) of India.

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