India is launching the most powerful Earth Observation Satellite

ISRO is launching two earth observation satellites (EOS) naming GISAT-1 and RISAT-1A and these are EOS 3 and EOS 4 respectively.
GISAT-1 is going to be the world’s most powerful Earth Observation Satellite which will secure the borders on a Real-time basis.


The GISAT-1 (Geo Imaging Satellite) will be India’s first Indigenous earth observation satellite that is going to be placed in geostationary orbit. This satellite will move with the rotation of the earth, so will look stationary
Its aim is to secure India’s borders in real-time.

EOS-03 (earth observatory satellites) is a series of satellites with the first satellite named GISAT 1 and the second GISAT 2 and so on. GISAT-1 will be sent into space by GSLV-F10 rocket from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh

The satellite weighs 2268 kilograms. It is the first Earth observation satellite that would be positioned in the geostationary orbit which is almost 36000 kilometers above the Earth’s surface over the equator.

Importance of this satellite

If India has this satellite in 1960, then the results of the Indo-China war would be different. In1962 war, the Chinese army crosses the border (Mcmohan line) but the Indian forces came to know very late. Due to this, they captured Askai Chin, etc. But now when we have GISAT-1 which will observe the borders on a real-time basis, no other country forces will dare to cross Indian borders.


It is the largest launch vehicle that is developed by India.  

GSLV F10 will launch GISAT 01 on its 14th Flight. 

RISAT-1A (RADAR Imaging Satellite)

The first satellite in this series was Risat-1 launched in 2012 using a PSLV rocket and was having a lifespan of five years.

Optical satellites rely on sunlight being reflected back into space from the ground. So they can not work in dark and also their view is obstructed by clouds. RADAR satellites send the radio signals and record the echo return. So they can take the image even in the dark and the image is not affected by clouds.

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