What exactly is the Higgs Boson or the God particle| UPSC

The elementary particles in the standard model can be divided into 3 categories:

  • Quarks (which combines to forms Protons, Neutrons, etc)
  • Leptons (Electrons, Muon, etc)
  • Bosons (force carriers like Photons etc)

Quarks and Leptons are called “Fermions” which are the elementary particles and the building block of matter. In this article, we will study “Bosons

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SCO & BRICS |New Development Bank| UPSC

In 1996 it was started as Shanghai 5 consisting of China, Kazakhstan, kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan

In 2001, Uzbekistan joined and it was renamed as Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

It has two official languages – Russian and Chinese. Its capital is in Beijing, China (not in Shanghai). It was formed to counter the organizations which were forming in Europe, America etc like NATO. Although, unlike NATO, SCO is not a military organization

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What is India’s stand on Israel Palestine conflict| UPSC

In the UN security council, India supported Palestine instead of Israel even though there is a good relationship between India and Israel. T.S. Trimurti who is the Representative of India to the United Nations put his views about Israel Palestine conflict that India is against any type of violence, either the violence by Hamas or the violence by Israel on the civilians.

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The mystery behind Positron excess from Cosmic Rays| UPSC

Researchers of Raman Research Institute (RRI) Bengaluru have resolved the “Positron excess” mystery. Positron is the antimatter of electron. Antimatter is just the exact opposite of matter means mass, size etc everything same except charge which is opposite. Since electron is negatively charged, positron is just like electron but positively charged.

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Magnetic field of Black hole| Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity| UPSC

Event Horizon Telescope captures first ever image of Black Hole’s Magnetic fields

Around 100 years ago, Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity changed the vision of this world. In the theory he tells that Gravity is not a force but it is a Distortion in space-time which occurs due to mass means the thing having more mass distorts the space-time more.

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Can we eradicate Malaria| What is the E-2025 initiative|Why it is so difficult to fight the disease malaria

Imagine a creature so deadly that it kills half the human population. This is Plsmodium falciparum, the parasite that causes Malaria. It is responsible for more illness and death per year than any other transmissible disease. Malaria is one of the oldest and most deadly diseases of human kind. By some estimates Malaria killed half of all the human (50 billion) who ever lived.

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